Celebrate Midwinter!

WassALE Treasure Hunt

When: Jan 29-Feb 12

What: A treasure hunt at the twelve breweries, one cidery, and one distillery in Langley

Full Description: Join the Langley Breweries in celebrating the depths of mid-winter with the first-ever Wass-Ale Treasure Hunt. This thrilling adventure of surprises and rewards will take place between Jan 29 and Feb 12, at twelve amazing locations throughout Langley.

How do I play? Visit each brewery, snap a photo with the green creature, and answer the three questions for each location. But that’s not all! You will get the chance to experience unique drinks and food at each brewery created just for this treasure hunt. If you visit each brewery and participate in the hunt, you will be entered into a drawing with 3 grand prizes up for grabs.

The Wass-Ale Treasure Hunt is inspired by the tradition of Wassail, an old English drinking ritual celebrated during midwinter. The tradition was introduced by Anglo-Saxons in 658 A.D. and we’re happy to remember it this winter!

So get ready to join us on this exciting journey and let’s celebrate midwinter together! Visit the website for more information about the treasure hunt and find out how you can sign up for the app today: https://www.tourism-langley.ca/events/wassale/