What’s your fancy?

Here we are again, at the precipice of a new year. Now, some of you might already be rolling your eyes. Precipice. UGH. What’s with the weird vocabulary? Well, we’ll tell you: we’re starting the year off a bit fancy, or, more particularly, YOUR fancy!

At the start of the new year, many of us tend to set new goals. So, we want to know: What’s your fancy? What’s your goal? Whether you want to eat healthier, try out vegan January, or even cut back on drinking, we’ve got great options for you. (Yes, we’re a brewery that just said you don’t have to drink!) We also support those who don’t want to change anything at all! So when going out to eat, gathering with friends, or even joining us on your next business lunch we’ve got heaps of options that fit your fancy:


Stopping by one of our eateries? We’ve got some amazing classic options that take less of a caloric toll while still packing in the nutrients. Try our Warm Winter Salad with shredded kale, spiced sweet potatoes, and warm ancient grain. Going vegan? Opt for the Vegan Power Bowla filling mix of veggies and seeds on house-made hummus, red & green cabbage, kalechickpea fritters, mixed greens, marinated seasonal vegetables, sprouts, pickled onions, vegan garlic dill dressing. Another classic we offer year-round is our Farmers Falafel Bowl. This bowl comes with chickpea fritters, mixed greens, marinated seasonal vegetables, sprouts, pickled onions, and vegan garlic dill dressing.

vegan power bowl


We’re coming in hot with some delectable Veganuary specials. And when we say hot, we mean HOT! The first option is our Hot Chic’n Nugs: tossed in house-made hot sauce or vegan BBQ, these hot nugs are a mouthwatering replacement that even chickens would love! If you’re trying out Veganuary but love our famous fried chicken sandwich, why not try the vegan version? Our Fried Chic’n Sandwich comes with crunchy slaw, chipotle aioli, b&b pickles, tomato, ciabatta bun. This sammie is so good it makes Veganuary is easy! And finally, get adventurous with our Vegan Chic’n Parm. This Schnitzel-styled vegan patty, fresh basil tomato sauce, spaghetti, mozzarella “cheez” are so convincing that, reader, I did not believe it was vegan!

Hot nugs 


Wanting to stay fancy and get a tasty cocktail but trying to cut back on alcohol? We’ve got you covered. At our Fort Langley location, the Garden Variety creatively combines thyme and bell pepper into this fresh, herbaceous, and slightly spicy concoction. Complimented by lemon juice, honey, and ginger beer, the cocktail is appropriately garnished with a thyme sprig and bell pepper!

At Abbotsford, try the Lavender Pomegranate Sour! Made with lavender syrup, refreshing lemon juice, pomegranate juice, and aquafaba (a vegan egg replacement!), this cocktail brings just the perfect level of punch.

Garden Variety


Heads up! Our famous Blood Orange Wheat Ale returns late January. And finally, have you tried our Rosemary Bees Knees 🐝? This cutie cocktail is made with gin, lemon juice, and honey rosemary syrup.  

However you kick off your year, we hope you follow your fancy. Hopefully we can help!