Holiday Makers’ Market: November 26 at the Langley Tasting Room

For those who like to get original gifts for loved ones and support local artists, look no further! On November 26, from 12pm-5pm, the Langley Tasting Room is hosting A Holiday Makers’ Market where you can sip, shop, and enjoy amazing local art + artisan goods. Here’s who you can expect to find:


Preserved, a family-made canning company, started in 2011 and now puts healthy food, from simple ingredients, on our family dining table.


Shady Hat Company

Shady Hat Co was started in 2018 with hats and toques and now also carries a range of apparel! They offer lots of acid wash, tie-dye, and unique items handmade in Mission. BC.

Logan Thackray 

Logan is a multidisciplinary artist and community arts programmer who is dedicated to creating spaces of wonder and creativity. They are currently most lit up by the wild and unexpected ways that humans and other living beings collide. Logan’s artistic practice allows them to work with ephemeral materials such as light, memory, movement, and form. At Logan’s table you’ll find a variety of modern stained glass next to bizarre and intriguing prints, sculptures, and more.

Annie May Bakery

Annie May is a family baking business, a Mother and daughter team baking small-batch from scratch recipes that have been passed down through generations, too good not to share! We take pride in perfecting every batch for you.


Curvy Pots

Based in the Fraser Valley, Ivy of Curvy Pots is a bipoc potter who specializes in making handmade pottery and functional kitchenware for the modern home. Her ceramics are bright and colorful with clean lines and shapes. She also offers workshops for beginners or anyone interested in making pottery at her home studio. 

West Coast Sticker Shop

West Coast Sticker Shop—stickers that celebrate our gorgeous land. Unique designs and handmade items that reflect BC and the PNW. Perfect for any adventure!

Fluffy Bunny Cotton Candy

Fluffy Bunny is a mother-and-daughter-run business that makes small-batch, hand-spun cotton candy in over 50 amazing flavours! We also make our Sip line, a beverage-exclusive line of cotton candy that takes your cocktails to the next level.

Marissa Schiesser Creative Arts – Beautifully Crafted Collage

Marissa Schiesser creates bold, fun and quirky hand-crafted collages that uplift any space with pops of colour and unexpected elements and detail. She offers original artwork and fine art prints.

Bez Arts Hub

Bez Arts Hub is an intimate live performance venue that hosts some of the most notable Juno award-winning artists as well as emerging artists from all around North America and beyond. With an inspiring sense of community, the warmth of great sound and close personal engagement with the artists, Bez offers a unique and inviting atmosphere for enjoying live performances. Bez is also a home for theatre productions, dance classes, arts mentorship and even a community Gospel choir.


Jodi Lyn Art

Jodi is a painter who is inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia. She uses bright colours and shapes in her images, and sells both original paintings and prints.

My Brown Bag Studio

Kimberly, the owner of Brown Bag Studio, brings local hand-made holiday goodies. She says, “Welcome to My Brown Bag Studio… where I love to quilt, sew, paint and create!”