Big Ridge Cask Night Champions!

On June 16th, Big Ridge Brewing hosted the 19th annual Cask Off and four local Breweries came together to present their creations and let the public decide the winner and the recipient of a giant wrestling belt.

Planning for this cask was serious business for our Brewers as prior to this, we lost two years straight to Dave Van Allen of Russell Brewing. The TP Brewing Team tested many recipes until they found the perfect version of their concept.

This year, Trading Post put together a Beergarita Cask using our 1827 Munich Helles Lager, bianco tequila, triple sec, Himalayan sea salt, lime zest and organic blue agave syrup. It was clearly a hit as we came out with the win for this years competition!  I mean, who could say no to a Beergarita on a 32 degree summer day?

Congratulations to Tony, Jason, Kyle and Shaun!