At Trading Post we embrace the true essence of craft by combining traditional brewing techniques with modern-day passion & skill to carefully create each of our beer. Our Brewmaster pioneers inventive flavours using the very best ingredients to brew each batch. Brewing everything from traditional English-style ales, American IPA’s and stouts, to contemporary sour and barrel-aged beer, you’ll be sure to find a favourite at Trading Post.

Our taste is as adventurous as the explorers who first settled here. Crafting small-batch beer, our skillful Brewmaster brews fresh, inventive flavours inspired by our unique heritage. The very best ingredients shape each batch of our authentic, honest and super tasty craft beer.

Core Beer

Helles Lager
Amber Ale
Best Coast IPA
Hazy IPA

Seasonal Beer

Belgian Blonde Ale
Autumn IPA
Tart Cranberry Ale
Breakfast Stout
German Dark Lager
German Pilsner
Pear Rhubarb Sour
Mixed Berry Milkshake Pale Ale
Strawberry Kölsch
Raspberry Wheat Ale
Blackberry Wheat Ale
Trading Post Brewing's SMASH Saison
S.M.A.S.H. Saison


Private Keg Rentals
19.5l keg: $120 plus $100 deposit
50l keg: $225 plus $100 deposit
$75 pump deposit
$10 bucket rental